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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 22, 2017 1:37am-2:10am EST

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♪ ♪ >> it is thursday night. the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news from southwest philadelphia. a total of four people have been shot in the 6600 block of durrell street. we go live to the scene and "action news" reporter christie ileto. christie, you have the full story. >> that's right, jim. police say this started as a domestic dispute between a woman and her boyfriend. when the verbal dispute turned into a of verbal altercation, that's when she called her family member for back up. the two vehicles blop vehicles r family. when the family arrived, this quickly turned violent. >> one of the males gets out and
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starts fighting the boyfriend. it's a physical altercation. the boyfriend starts to lose the fistfight. he pulls a gun striking four people. >> there were six shots. it stopped. by the time we got down the steps, it was six more shots. i came out and tried to help those that needed help. a girl stopped me. there was a guy hanging out of the car who appeared to be unconscious and not breathing. there was > another guy. we tried to keep them calm. the cops came and they took everybody to the hospital. >> the four men were taken to penn presbyterian. all of them are in crit critical condition. they were all shot in the arms and chest. police say the suspect fled on foot. it's unclear which direction. he reportedly lives on this block. police reported a wee of the ve. the suspect fled on foot. anyone with information about
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this individual is asked to call southwest detectives. live in southwest philadelphia, "action news." jim? >> thank you, christie. police investigating a homicide at a corner store. the victim was gunned d at 6:30. authorities have not identified him saying he's believed to be between 18 and 30 years old. the search is on for a teenager who police say stole two cars and crashed one in a matter of minute. the joyride ended here at the ridge avenue ramps in east foles where the suspect ran into an on coming car. he jumped out and ran away. moments before he was spotted in a different car drivingnear roxborough high school. police have a suspect in the homicide in philadelphia.
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today will do nothing to restore the life of an eight-year-old boy. dann cuellar is at the university hospital where the boy's father has just been released. you have the latest on this tragic situation. >> that's right, jim. the father was releasfter injuries suffered in the accident. the family is devastated by the loss of t >> it is >> even perfect strangers were moved by the tragedy. >> right before christmas. he probably has gifts at his house and under his tree. >> i feel hawr hurt for the fam. >> police crged flynn flynn in connection with the accident. it was yesterday that he was swerving from one lane to the
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other at a high rate of speed when he slammed into the 1989 honda civic trying to mak left hand turn on to jericho. flynn fled the scene but they caught up with him eight miles away. >> the eight-year-old took the brunt of the crash. o w hospital where he later died. visions him last night. >> people complained that it makes it difficult to see oncoming traffic. >> people are coming fast every two weeks, three weeks, four weeks, we have one accident. >> we have two fatal ones. i'm glad the police are ticketing people parked in the middle of the street now. >> tonight, finn faces charges
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withoutent involving death,homy a license. i'm dann cuellar, channel6 news. >> the baby attacked by a racoon last night in north philadelphia is out of surgery. she had 64 stitches in her face. it happened at st. christopher's. she was asleep in he a racoon ag her from the bed and across the room mauling her face. mercifully, her eyes are okay. four women are accusing world famous orchestra conductor charles du ducroix of o sexual assaulting them. the 80-year-old is conductor of the laureate orchestra an
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honorary title as he performs with the london royal philharmonic. >> three opera singers say the grammy award winner restrain #-d them, 6 kissed them or put his hands on their bodies. the incident incidents happenedn 1985 and 2010. the philadelphia orchestra tells "action news" they are horrified to find the allegations of sexual misconduct. he has no future engagements with the orchestra. >> ceasing all operations, a philadelphia carriage company. an agreement was reached late today for the city to take ownership of the horses. this follows a preliminary junction. city agency cited the agency for
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inhumane conditions at the stable on north 13th street following inspections this summer. horses will be allowed to work until the end of the year under the supervision of care and control and will be moved to a carcare taking facility specializing in carriage horses. another company will continue operations in and around independence mall. >> a lovely sun set on the official first night of winter. as we look ahead, cecily tynan says santa may have to contend with slippery conditions. let's check in with the first look for the accuweather forecast. >> the weather is getting complicated. ch wwe have advisories for nortn pennsylvania, new york state and new england. traveling up there tomorrow, you will encounter problems, it's a
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warm front well to the north. mostly cloudy, 51 tomorrow. headed to burlington or boston or syracuse, you are dealing with snow. to the southeast, temperature in the 50s and 60s. there is a cold front in the tennessee valley and kentucky. that has a lot of rain. that's what we are dealing with saturday. behind the front cooler air in time for christmas. clouds roll in tomorrow, after touch of drizzle. mainly the city waiting until late tomorrow night. saturday, rainy and mild, cold air and moisture could bring snowflakes in time for christmas morning. we have more on that in the seven-day forecast. jim? >> not even factoring in weather delays, flyers could pack their patients apatience at the airpo.
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there will be 20% more traveling today and tomorrow. anything larger than a cellphone may have to come out of your bag for scrutiny. aaa predicts this will be a record breaking holiday for this area. nine in ten will go by car, 7% by plane translating to 82,000 people. the department of homeland security is asking for your help this holiday season to keep an eye out. dhs put out a message calling for vigilance reading "as you gather together to celebrate the holiday season," we ask you to stay alert. in new york city, the city is deploying additional officers,
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bomb sniffing canines and radiation detection units. there are safety posts to prevent potential vehicle attacks. there is recent isis propaganda pointing to the washington cathedral potential target. >> still to come, papa john's found ir ier is out. and in australia, a driver ran through a crowd of shoppers. >> and eagle wide receiver alshon jeffery comes with a truckload of gifts for children. >> meteorologist cecily tynan returns with a white christmas forecast. and ducis rogers with the chance of an eagles win on christmas
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>> other news tonight, a man is in custody after he drove through a crowd of holiday shoppers in australia. police called the attack deliberate. 18 people were injured, four in critical condition. another man that had knives in his bag was taken into custody. the man had a history of drug use and mental illness. >> the house has approved a temporary spending bill to keep the government going past friday night. in doing so, they put off solutions to tough challenges on military spending, immigration and healthcare. the fate of dreamers and da ca will need to wait for next year. >> the united nations voted
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overwhelmingly to denounce president trump's recognition of jerusalem as the capitol of israel. 128 countries voted against the u.s. action on jerusalem. nine countries in favor and 35 abstained. the u.n. insisted that the status of jerusalem must be decided in direct talks between israel and the palestinians. trump's aids drew a shrug. nicky halee says, jups you wait. >> this vote will make a difference on how americans look at the u.n. and on how we look at countries who disrespect us in the u.n. this vote will be remembered. >> papa john's founder is out as ceo months after controversy of comments on players neilin playn
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the nfl. he is stepping down, will remain chairman and his face will still be pizza boxes. papa upon's apologized two weeks later after many praised schnatter's comments. >> open enrollment for obama care plans ended. other states are still accepting patients. that could increase the total significantly. last year, 12.2 million people signed up altogether. in pennsylvania, a slight dropoff with nearly 400,000 signing up for coverage compared to 426,000 last year. by all appearances, obama care lives on. >> next, sharrie williams
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reports on a wildly successful christmas party and an eagle superstar was santa claus. in real life, he saved the day. >> oon on a december night in h philadelphia, a large semitruck rolled down this narrow street, all part of a surprise. alshon jeffery is leading the caravan. he went on a christmas shopping spree and is ready to deliver joy to philadelphia families. he was met with a roaring welcome as he entered the beckett life center where parents and children gathered for the annual holiday party. after box was unloaded, filled with toys sorted for the boys and girls that called the neighborhood home. >> first present goes to caden.
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>> kids of the future, right? it's good to give them so they have something to give you hope. >> say thank you. >> the children were in awe of the kindness, and they loved their toys. >> i got poe pogo stick. >> six-year-old josiah captured the moment of how much christmas gift means to her. i have a princess. i get do her hair and it makes me feel happy because this is the first time i got a present like this. >> every year they have the holiday party at the center. every year, they where the toys are going to come from, but this year was different. they were not sure if they were going to have toys at all, and
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then they got a phone call. >> this is above and beyond anything we could have hoped for. we were hoping for this, and we got this. >> i'm just doing my part giving back. i'm trying to bless these kids. this one day they may remember the rest of their life. >> sharrie williams, channel6 "action news." >> accuweather forecast, cecily tynan. >> things are getting ed headed toward the weekend. live on sky 6, taking a look at the shot philadelphia city hall and the christmas tree. lot of people posting photos like this on my facebook page. this is what is called a false cloud. this is when super cooled water droplets in the high and mid level clouds start to freeze. they start to fall. as they fall, the water drops evaporate creating a hole in the
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cloud. it was dramatic tonight because it was happening as the sun was setting. sometimes it's set off by an aircraft. it can happen spontaneously. thanks for sending the photos. i love images like that. we have an active holiday pattern. temperatures swing mildly wild to arctic. wet on saturday. snowflakes possible late sunday night into early sunday morning. that is christmas morning. clouds and satellite and radar showing a warm front continuing to push north. complicating travel toward new england, icy tomorrow. tomorrow, here, a lot of clouds, perhaps drizzle, temperatures running 10-degrees warmer than today. 552-degrees. saturday, the cold front grows closer. that brings us rounds of rain, warm temperatures, 59-degrees.
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the cold front sweeps by, temperatures back to the 40s sunday, and future tracker showing this is when things start to change early monday mortgage, we of the morning. look what happens early in the morning. we get the change over to snow. it's a quick hit out of here by midmorning. we are looki for a bit of wet snow. if it's quick. rain mixed to wet snow. the ground is warm. a lot of melting. philadelphia won't see accumulations. areas northwest, a slushy coating. behind the system, mcdonald mcd, windchills in the teens. tomorrow, increasing clouds, highs of 52. sunday, christmas eve, increasing clouds, 46.
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monday, the early hit of snow. then windy and cold, 39to 37 tu. wednesday, 31. you see the trend, thursday 29. computer models with a potential nor'easter next friday into saturday. let's talk about the immediate snow christmas morning. shouldn't be enough to cause travel troubles. >> a nor'easter? >> more than a week away. i'll keep you posted. >> could get worse. >> we want to show you concerts held around the area tonight. ♪ ♪ >> that was the holiday concert put on by students at george washington high school in the summerton section of philadelphia, dressed up for the occasion the teens performed with precision. ♪ >>
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>> those are the sounds of the winter co concert at ann frank elementary school. that's in bustleton. proud family members took all kinds of pictures and videos. >> philadelphia's central high
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cigna healthspring. honored at the montgomery county high school game. the family adopts a family in need every year. the lady ghosts donated food and
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money before their match up. that eels a great school tradition. what's going on with the sixers? >> they can't close games. tonight, jim, this one is disturbing. short on wins and short on players. e sixers hosted the raptors. for embid, the third game he's missed due to tightness in his back. sixers up 13 at the break. ir quarter, robert covington up 22 points. raptors ind the quarter on a 34-10 run. rosen, three. nails six of them. sixers lose 114-109. >> we have to learn how to play.
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it's tough, wit but we have to o it. >> up 22. couple of injury notes. quarterback jalen mills and derek barnett dealing with injuries today. 12-2 eagles remain in the driver seat. one more victory or one more minnesota loss, eagles lock up the post season. >> obviously, these are a tough opponent. we want to give ourselves a chance to do what we want to do and have it our way throughout the playoffs. >> there is a lot on the line for the football team. it would be their first bowl victory since 2011.
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fans making the trip. second quarter, they call him franky. a four yard score. 7-0 owls. he would stay in the game, fourth quarter, now throwing it. isaiah wright for the
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>> a special night for temple's women's basketball program. the owls candice dupuis, 15 points a game in her career. >> asia wilson, 28 points and 14 rebounds, temple loses 86-60. marilyn, second half, greyhounds work the ball to cam gregory. they are now 6 of 7. sixers give local kids a special surprise. 16 youth from the methodist home for children got lockers, jerseys ando you do with that? head out on to the court ball at the wells fargo cen>> ms too. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel6 followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 4:30 with pat o'donnell and karen murphey with traffic.
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for cecily tynan, ducis rogers rogers -- it's just fun. i'm jim gardner. have a good night to be the.


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